Expect the unexpected


… rambling because honestly, I’m just not functioning today …

I should really be used to all of this by now. I mean, I should know better then to think that things could just be easy.

Like oh yeah, lets go do a test on this and we will get some answers. Just kidding!!! Here’s some more unexpected news for you to process. Or not process.


This morning we had a follow up appointment to get the results of Ashlyn’s facial and brain MRIs. The first report on her facial scan was great news. Yay! I like good news.

Then on to the second report.

We expected this to be pretty boring as it was just a follow up brain MRI from the one we had in January. Because of Ashlyn’s hemifacial microsomia, we have frequent head MRIs, all of which have been great. Until now.

The scan shows that Ash has a small growth on the inside of her skull. The growth is growing towards and pushing on her brain. This is something I am totally new to so excuse my lack of knowledge. But they explained that your brain has a strong seal around it, so it is outside of that seal (great news), but because the growth is growing rather rapidly, and toward her brain we will be having surgery to remove it. It has some fancy name, but this growth is BENIGN. I want to make that clear, so that no one is wondering or worried that this is something more than what it is. It’s incredibly scary to think our child will now be having surgery to remove a growth on her skull/against her brain.

I can’t explain to you the deafening silence in the room after the doctor walked out. The girls were outside playing with the nurses. Jeremy and I just sat there. There must have been millions of thoughts running through my head. I felt like I was walking in circles with my mind just running.

We should have the surgeries on the books within a week or two. As always I will keep all of you updated with things.

Your love and prayers are more than appreciated.




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